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Our Staff

Our Commitment

Staff at CEI are committed to excellence in community-building through supported employment connections for all community members and business owners.


  • At CEI, we believe that by creating opportunities for meaningful community connection and a sense of belonging, we are witness to positive change and growth.

  • We believe that the relationships we build with the people we support are reciprocal and that we learn from each of them every day.

  • We believe that the work we do supports social change and teaches our community about disability rights and inclusion.

  • We believe in the power of personal narratives to highlight the diversity of the people we support.

  • We believe in creating a platform for people to discover, demonstrate, and build skills and strengths.

  • We believe in promoting equity for people who experience disabilities.

  • We believe that when given the right supports, anyone can work!

Robin de la Mora
Founder and CEO
Debbie Coggins
Administrative Services
Holly Cordle
Employment Support Specialist
Zane Hylton
Employment Support Specialist, Discovery & Assessment Specialist
CEI staff tokens.png
Kerstin Frueh
Employment Support Specialist
Marlene Hylton
Community Program Coordinator & Artworks
CEI staff tokens.png
Cassie Spinney
Employment Support Specialist
CEI staff tokens.png
Kenbry'on James
Employment Support Specialist
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