Here at Collaborative Employment Innovations (CEI), we understand what it takes to find the right employee to do the job! As the first paragraph of our mission statement reads:

Collaborative Employment Innovations links employers with job seekers for the purpose of promoting social and economic empowerment for people who experience disabilities.

This means employers have the comfort of knowing that each job seeker that works with CEI has been assessed for their work readiness through a variety of programs.   Once an individual has been assessed and has been deemed as ready to work, CEI ensures that the job seeker's skills, interests and abilities match what the business is looking for in an employee. In turn, when a positive outcome occurs, this means success for all!  This is how CEI WORKS FOR YOU!

Benefits to your Business

  • Dedicated, eager and reliable employees

  • Free Training for the individual provided by Professional CEI staff for as long or as little time as needed at no cost to employer (Subject to individual needs and employer’s expectations).

  • Help match workers skills to employers needs.

  • Better manage costs

  • Loyal employees

  • Access to unique skills

  • Decrease in employee turn-over

  • Improved productivity

  • Opportunity to give back to the community and build the local economy.

  • Work opportunity tax credit available for businesses whom have hired.

Image Credit:

Oregon Historical Society Research Library