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Artworks Online: Artworking in 2020

Artworks has always been CEI's day support program focused on engaging folks who want to work creatively. In 2020, we also had to be creative with how we continued to connect people and stay inspired. With the launch of several online social activities, CEI worked to make sure our customers and community members stayed connected during the COVID-19 global pandemic. As part of that launch of programs, Artworks Online focused on continuing to tap into artists' creative interests and desire to share their work and connect with others.

Customers were able to join from the safety and comfort of home, with regularly-scheduled Artworks sessions online.

Sessions have often included watching video tutorials together, sharing music, and participating in group discussions.

Some customers have found an interest in teaching art skills and practices to peers with their own drawing tutorials.

Learn more about Artworks, find out about accessing the program, and see work created by Artworks artists at

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