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Welcome to Thriving with Creativity!

CEI Artworks is a creative space for folks in the community to practice art forms, experiment with different materials, and work alongside other creatives.

In this space, makers can be free to explore and self-driven in what they make.

Here, art is our shared language for personal expression; it's how we invite others to share in our lives and encourage each other to always be curious. (During non-pandemic years) we enjoy collaboration with community arts educators, and participation in the overall artist community!

Each week, Artworks studio staff create a new, open-ended project to explore and different media to try. Artists are also welcome to bring in their own work and focus on projects that are important to them.

Artworks is now online! We host interactive creative social group three times a week. This way, we can stay connected to each other through the global pandemic, and we can stay safe and healthy.

Interested in finding out more about Artworks? Contact Jen:

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