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Patrick has authored and illustrated hundreds of original and fan comics and posters inspired by cartoons, comics, and games of the late 20th century. Patrick is also a skilled model ship builder; his original designs include incredible detail and knowledge of the original ships and history that inspires his work.

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Beverly has been creating art since she was a young girl. Her intricate collages and colorful paintings pay homage to her love of animals and flowers. She also creates incredible sculptures in clay, which she often makes as gifts for her special friends and family.




4th Street Window Gallery

The 4th Street Window Gallery is open to community artists to display their artwork. If you are an interested artist, please complete this informational questionnaire: Artworks Window Gallery

Current Display

Love in Action Kusra Kapuler

All large oil paintings for sale.

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Residing in the Pacific Northwest, where she hikes, explores, and looks at light, Kusra Kapuler creates art from her journeys. She transfers photographic images to pottery, or paints abstracted pieces of them, making visual collage. Nature adventure sings to her spirit.


Mountains, in particular are a subject she loves, and they were all around her in her early years, as growing up in Southern Oregon, she heard of Greyback Mountain, and Whiskey Peak. A significant life journey included a three-day backpacking trip in Baja, California, where she discovered herself. She took her 35mm camera with slide film, and made photos of waters, wild orchids, and rattlesnakes. She fell in love all over again with sleeping outside under the moon and stars.


Kusra’s dreams and memory are foundational to the work. Her current art is primarily in clay and paint, although she has worked in video and other mediums. She loves soda and woodfiring, intrigued by the transformative nature of the process and the persistence of clay. Egg tempera, gouache and oil are her preferred mediums in paint, and the color, immediacy and grace of paint brings joy. The work is not the end. She asks questions of the viewer. What brings inspiration? Do you have a form of expression? What is it? What makes you feel most alive?


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