Collaborative Employment Innovations

A Path to Employment

Linking employers with job seekers for the purpose of promoting social and economic empowerment for people who experience disabilities.

We strive to provide a path to power, choice and prosperity through real work for equal pay.

Mission Statement


Resources for current and future Employers

Job Seekers

Services and Benefits for current or future customers. Information for community members, and family

Parnter Agencies

Commission of the Blind, Developmental Diversity Program, Vocational Rehabilitation, volunteer coordinators and other agents working with CEI

Collaborative Employment Innovations helps Employers

Collaborative Employment Innovations provides services to employers to match them with qualified, productive employees. Every employer has different needs and job tasks that need to be completed. Collaborative Employment Innovations can help identify those tasks through Job Carving and help an employer identify to maximize their business while diversifying their workforce. Collaborative Employment Innovations will support a job seeker throughout employment or until they can complete all necessary tasks independently to employers specifications. This is usually accomplished through supported employment with a Job Coach. 

CEI Works To Identify Ways:

A.  Maximize Productivity

B.  Better Manage Costs

C.  Create Loyal Employees

D.  Successful Relationship with New Hires

E.  Identify entry level jobs that are overlooked, done by outside contractors, or highly paid professionals

Employee Matching

Collaborative Employment Innovations evaluates the employment needs of a business and matches job-seekers accordingly. We never recommend job matches that don’t meet employer needs or the goals of our job-seekers.

Workforce Evaluations

Some tasks just not getting done around the workplace? Struggling to get everything finished during your busy week? Our Workforce developers can work with you to discover how your business could be more efficient and how Collaborative Employment Innovations might be able to help.

Job Coaching and Support

Collaborative Employment Innovations supports all of our job-seekers with holistic career support. We will help to ensure that our job-seekers continue to be a good match for a business and have the support they need to succeed from day one.

Job Seekers

  • CEI helps Job Seekers to find a job that matches their strengths and interests for an ideal job match.
  • Job Coaches provide assistance to learn the skills needed to get a job, keep a job and increase personal income.
  • CEI provides support on the job to assure a successful placement for Job Seekers.
  • Professional quality services are provided with respect and dignity.

Before Hire

Before a Job Seeker is Hired:

  • CEI works with Job Seekers to learn:

– What interests the Job Seeker

– What skills the Job Seekers holds

– Helps develop the Job Seeker’s skill set

    • Job Seekers have worked in the community building job skills.

In the Community

Collaborative Employment Innovations with Job Seekers out in the community learning job skills!

Thank you for the local non-profits in Benton and Linn County for allowing our Job Seekers an opportunity to grow!


Employment First

I Work We Succeed is part of the outreach efforts by Oregon’s Employment First initiative to promote the benefits of paid, integrated work in community jobs for people with I/DD.​​​​​​​

Vocational Rehabilitation

VR assists individuals with disabilities to get and keep a job that matches their skills, interests and abilities.

Developmental Diversity Program

Developmental Diversity Program provides support for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Commission of the blind

The OCB Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program provides Oregonians with job readiness assistance.

Collaborative Employment innovations

Facts about Our Community





Benton County

has roughly 19,396 individuals living with disabilities.


Linn County

has roughly 35,154 individuals living with disabilities


A CEI Project

Gallery and Artists

Artworks is a Collaborative Employment Innovations project designed to promote art careers for individuals. We want to inspire them to follow their dreams to become serious artists.

Collaborative Employment Innovations

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