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Artworks Artist Holiday Show 2019

In December 2019, the CEI Artworks gallery displayed work from Artworks studio artists.

The showcase included work made in 2019 all by Artworks artists.

Matt Conklin, paper collage sculpture

Matt Conklin creates built environments that serve as backdrops for train mini-movies, but which also are impressive accomplishments on their own. This colorful construction is an entire world unto itself, complete with a unique story about its inhabitants.

Check out Matt's films on his youtube channel RadioGuy100.

Patrick Hackleman exhibited his two main art forms: comic writing/illustration/book-making, and model ship design and building.

Patrick is inspired by comics, cartoons, and games from the 1990's - early 2000's. He creates unique story lines, dialog, and costumes for characters from his favorite media. Pat's New Girls collection is a mature-audiences work that he created in its entirety, including illustrations, and hand-bound books.

Pat's ships are created entirely by hand as well, starting from his original drafts and designs, informed by careful research of original ship designs and with careful and realistic augmentations. Pat also creates his models entirely by hand, opting to not use box sets, but rather painstakingly creating each component by hand.

Kurt Fisk is also inspired by the media of childhood, starting with the imaginary world of Monkey Fishes, which were born of an early disappointment in Sea Monkeys, that turned into inventive imagination as Kurt created an entire reality for his Monkey Fishes to live lives filled with drama and personality.

Other Artworks artists work could also be seen in the gallery. With a wide range of inspirations and materials, the collective show was a comprehensive display of the different styles, interests and mastery among the artists.

Next month, the gallery will feature work by Kathryn Cellerini Moore.

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