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What is a Job Coach?

First, the Job Coach uses structured techniques to help the Job Seeker find and build skills in a field of their interest. Second, a Job Coach will support the Job Seeker after they are hired to help learn to perform job tasks to employer’s specifications and job requirements.

Job Coaches Perform:

  • On-site Training
  • Related Assessments
  • Job Development
  • Counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Communication
  • Travel Training
  • Other services needed to maintain the employment.

Benefits of a Job Coach:

  •  CEI provides a qualified  individual to work directly with the Job Seeker.
  • Job Coaches helps with work-related activities, and providing quality assurance for the employer.
  • The Job Coach is hands-on assistance.
  • The employee is able to receive immediate feedback.
  • The Employer as full support of the Job Coach to make sure the job is completed. 


Employment Path: CEI will bring Job Seekers out into the community to develop necessary job skills and provide support in all aspects of getting a job. CEI build skills within a chosen industry and will work with the Job Seeker until they are comfortable working independently.

Career Exploration: CEI will work with Job Seekers to find out which industry is of interest. This is usually done by job shadows, interviews, or volunteering. As a business owner, you may have already had someone come in to ask questions and perform a job shadow.

Job seekers found

  • Help to find a job that matches their strengths and interests for an ideal job match.
  • Assistance to learn the skills needed to get a job, keep a job and increase personal income.
  • Support on the job to assure a successful placement.
  • Professional quality services provided with respect and dignity.

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