Collaborative Employment Innovations is committed to power, choice, and prosperity for all community members.

We believe in equitable employment opportunities for all, and that meaningful occupation is important for a fulfilled life.


Services for job seekers

  • Discovery
    Our Discovery team works with job seekers and their support network to create individual employment plans.

  • Job Development
    Job Development identifies opportunities in the workplace where job seeker's skills match employers' needs

  • Career Exploration
    Career Exploration is learning about different jobs and their "fit" with a job seeker's unique career goals, e.g. the skills, interests, and values you want in a job. 

  • Employment Path
    Employment Path Services support job seekers in developing general employment skills that can be used in integrated employment.


Our values

CEI aligns with Employment First standards, in which we believe meaningful employment benefits all people, regardless of ability or need. Meaningful employment leads to positive self-worth, developing good relationships, and greater access to community resources. Communities benefit when all members are actively engaged.

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